Do you find this magnificent? Ceiling lamps emulating the heavens, which will embellish your interiors and really change your daily life, is there anything better against stress, seasonal depressions? This is the peak of decoration: nature. You will not find anything better.

The images of heaven, taken by high-end photographers, will offer to you and your guests a real virtual window that will leave a strong impression. We have a catalogue of images at your disposal.

Besides being decorative, our LED ceiling lights serve as powerful and reliable lights. The lifetime of the LEDs is estimated at 20 years for a daily use of 7 hours. If you want to read a more detailed article about the LED technology, you can find it here.

In financial terms, it is certainly not the cheapest ceiling light you can find on the market. But there will be nothing like it if you want to revitalize a room without having to do a lot of work. No need to redo the painting.

The images do not flicker because they are printed on fabrics, they are not screened, but you can replace them without constraint.
If you want to make a custom image or with a particular theme (children or others …), we can carry it out with a small surcharge.
Our ceiling chandelier works only with LED technology: no bulbs to change, no maintenance to perform.

We have developed a design, luminous board to better emulate the daylight.

The frame is only 5 cm thick, it will never be the cause of problems or imperfections.

Our LED chandeliers have 3 advantages that have rarely been combined in one lighting:

  • They drive towards relaxing
  • They are very innovative and decorative
  • They provide a true illumination that will join together the useful with the pleasant.




The images have been designed and built to provide you with a unique realism effect, thus to have a visual comfort and indoor lighting that have never been like this before.

  • Our images are printed on a non-flammable and highly resistant fabric. Why fabric? For the customer who orders a large size, and who wishes to get a new image, the transport will be greatly facilitated.
  • Another advantage: the fabric can be cleaned more easily. The installation of the fabric on the frame is a procedure that does not take more than 2 minutes, it is done after installing the frame on the ceiling.
  •  For the large size LED ceiling lamps, you may need other people’s assistance in order to install the fabric, otherwise it is something that can be done alone.
  • It is a very robust, non-flammable fabric (M1 certified for experts) with UV or sublimation printing. A plastic “rod” is sewn on the edges of the contemporary luminous board to insert them into a groove in the metal frame.
  •  It is important not to wrinkle the fabric too much, even if once folded on the frame the folds disappear after a few hours.


Frames constitute an important part of the luminous board because they are visible and condition its aesthetics. They will be discreet and are intended only to highlight the sky image.

  • The lighting frame is made of aluminium, it 5 cm deep, the holes are drilled from inside in order to allow attachment with screws.
  • The frame can be painted in the colour you want, it has been designed to be the lightest and at the same time the most resistant possible.
  • The frame and its carcass do not match the IP65 class. However, all circuits and electronic parts of the product are isolated and protected.
  • We can eventually create custom dimensions, but the delivery will take longer. Here are the standard dimensions that we propose, they are all multiples of 60 cm:
    • 60×60 cm, 45 Watts, 4 Kg
    • 60×120 cm, 96 Watts, 8 Kg
    • 60×180 cm, 128 Watts, 11 Kg
    • 120×120 cm, 128 Watts, 14 Kg
    • 180×120 cm, 160 Watts, 18 Kg
    • 180×180 cm, 192 Watts, 28 Kg


Satisfaction is one of our priorities. We stay tuned, even out of warranty.

  • If, within 3 days after the delivery of your design ceiling lamp you are not satisfied, we will take back the panel and you get a refund.
  • We can exchange your panel with another one. You will only have to pay for the transport.


LEDs are the future of lighting, they are becoming more and more popular on the market.

  • LED lighting usually requires a power supply (often called a transformer). For our ceiling lights, a power supply would be very cumbersome, so we decided to be innovative and use a new technology that does without power supply. You will not need to make a projection into the wall or ceiling, to install the power supply.
  • Lightning is 4500 Kelvin degrees (neutral white) but we also offer 6500 Kelvin degrees (cold white) ceiling lights, used in light therapy. But you should know that 6500 Kelvin degrees is a very white light and can become unpleasant in the long run. It is supposed to represent daylight at noon. If you are interested in the notion of “Kelvin”, take a look at this article. Our products come with a dimming block to install on the wall, as well as a remote control.


LEDs are the future of lighting, they are becoming more and more popular on the market.

It only requires a simple 30 minutes’ procedure for the smallerS frames, and about 1 hour for the bigger ones. For the frames ranging from 60×60 cm to 180×60 cm, you only need 4 screws. The frames conceal behind a power cable that will allow you to connect the ceiling light to the power supply of the house. You only have to install 4 screws, and connect 2 positive and negative cables, just like on a classic luminous board. The frames should be installed in ceilings, but can also be suspended by metal cables whose length can be varied. Our metallic cables are usually 1 meter long, but you can cut them. You can install our luminous boards in BA13 false ceilings, however, it will be necessary to indicate us this before the order. We do not carry out the installation, but if you cannot or do not want to do it yourself, any electrician or installer, or even your little son can do it without any constraint.

Also the video below you will see a reporting made on “Télématin” about us. It was done some time ago, but it will allow you to see more precisely how to perform an installation. You should know that on video, the total size of the two combined ceiling lights was 180×90 cm, and at the time we registered this video our frames were 7 cm deep, instead of 5 cm now, and also that the LEDs are currently integrated to frames, on the edges, not at the bottom. We also made a funny article describing how the filming of this video took place.


Our lights are guaranteed for 2 years, all the parts are included in the warranty. We can extend the warranty if requested. We have had no return so far. However, if that were to happen, we would do our best to fix the problem.


We adapt to the environment.

  • If you want to install our lights in a child’s room, we provide you with a child ceiling lamp with pictures of superheroes, princesses, jet aircrafts and many other ideas.
  • If you are looking for a kitchen ceiling light, we can provide you with one, possibly with the theme of the kitchen.
  • For the decoration of an adult bedroom, we can offer you a starry sky.
  • In short, as you could probably understand, whether for a corridor, a hall, a living room, a garage or other rooms, our light fixtures can be adapted and will have an elongated or squared shape, depending on the environmen


You can see them by clicking “Buy Online” or simply by clicking on this link:


We can custom your order, with the branches of your choice, the position of your choice. You can also give us your image, provided it is of excellent quality. Here you will see an article describing how was achieved the realization of the images.


The prices you see below include VAT, delivery, the entire product is included in this price. We do carry on the installation. You will not have any surprises during the purchasing phase.

  •   120 x 60 cm 389 €
  •   180 x 60 cm 439 €
  •   120 x 120 cm 659 €
  •   120 x 180 cm 869 €
  •   180 x 180 cm 1099 €

If you want to change the ambiance, once the product has been purchased, here is the price for an extra fabric with a printed image. Changing the fabric is a procedure that takes no more than 2 minutes.

  •  120 x 60 cm 64 €
  •  180 x 60 cm 80 €
  •  120 x 120 cm 105 €
  •  120 x 180 cm 145 €
  •   180 x 180 cm 244 €


Payment is made through the famous PayPal, money transfer, you can make a payment via credit card, even if you do not have an account. With PayPal there is nothing to worry about: if you do not receive the product, you are refunded without constraint.

After clicking the button “buy online” at the bottom right of the page, you will be redirected to several steps:




The delivery time varies depending on the stock we have. If we have the product in stock, the delivery takes a week, otherwise it can take up to 4 weeks.

The delivery is carried out by a transporter, Kuhene Nagel’s type, if you are not at home upon their arrival, they will set up an appointment with you with the day and time you want. An installation manual will be provided together with the package and the invoice. We are at your disposal if you need any advice. We do not deliver at relay point.


We recommend you to not bend or fold the frames, especially for large dimensions, because inside lie LED circuits, which are not flexible. Indeed, regarding large dimensions’ panels, they can bend slightly so it is important to always keep them flat.

Do not disassemble the panel or touch the electronic circuits that are connected to 220V directly.

It is possible to install our products in the bathrooms, but we do not recommend it for safety reasons. The circuits are watertight, our light fixtures are naturally connected to the ground, but we are never protected from any incident or error, so we prefer not to recommend this type of installation.


Unfortunately, we do not have a showroom yet to introduce you with, we only have videos. We can nevertheless try to see you if one of our commercial partners is located near you.


You are professional and you want to install our ceiling lights in a false ceiling type 60×60 cm, or you are an installer/architect and want to carry out an installation for a customer? You can buy sconces 60×60 cm directly on this page or write us on our contact page, we will let you know our prices.

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