It happens quite often that companies’ videos are excessively serious. We chose for our video to show our led light panels in a humorous way. It is a very good client of us, located in France, who has had the kindness to open her doors so that we could make the video in her place. It has been, at least we hope so, a way to show us her satisfaction! But for the video it meant that we had to be very quick, as the office was closing for just a part of an afternoon. We just had a few hours to film, and that added a little bit of stress, especially for the actor, who has been very demanded for that period. Just like every time when a professional video is made, we had to repeat again and again certain scenes so that the emotions that we were trying to show would bee clear, so that the scenario would be obvious and logical. I can mention for example the first scene when the actor has to imitate an anxious patient waiting, and finally standing up to join his dentist. This idea of stress had to be shown in just a few seconds. It’s almost a Spielberg movie!

After filming at the dentist office, we had to find outside a place in the nature that would suit our wishes in term of light, of beauty. And at that special moment, a storm was about to come, so again we had to make a quick and good job. But in this video there has been a logic problem :  the picture which is on the light represents a cherry tree, and when the patient goes away in his well being, he sees another landscape, with other trees that have nothing to do with cherry trees. This illogical part of the video has been noticed by more than one person.

Many ideas of scenarios came to our minds, before making the video, among them, one was crazier than the others : we wanted for example to bring a sheep (yes!) in the dentist office, just to show how much some person feel like going to slaughter when they go there! Finally, we agreed that it would be better making several videos linked to each other by this main idea : when somebody stressed sees our lights, he goes away, far away! For example the next video will probably show a boss shouting on a panicked worker, who would dream his life away just by seeing our lights. Probably another video will happen in a hospital… The purpose is of course to show the beauty and the originality of our panels, but also their relaxing virtues. But we are unfortunately lacking a bit of time, that’s why we didn’t continue making other videos.

For this lights’ demonstration we called a little start up to make the video. They were afraid that we couldn’t film the led light panels : sometimes when we film some lights, some little waves can show up on the screen and disturb considerably the video. Happily, it has not been the case. But we have been disappointed by the colors of the panels : they were looking very tasteless and insipid on the video, not showing faithfully the real colors.

In total, making this video has took us 2 days. There has been many questions about the music, then again the agency that we reached has had the talent to bring us a good music, stressing and funny in the same time.

The reactions of people when watching at the video were extremely varied. Making such a video without technical details has been a risk, which has been pointed by some people asking for more. Some other people were very enthusiastic, and other ones were just not understanding the video.

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