Nature influences our body more than we think. Wellness places such as Spas are often furnished with nature, trees, stones, everything to make it look Natural. So you can see, nature is associated with health, well being and relaxation, this is what we try to bring with our LED design lights. But do you know how much this can actually influence our body? Let’s have a look at the science.

Being in the Nature alone can change so much : it reduces anger, fear, stress, it makes you feel better emotionally as well as physically. Heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension are reduced. Our modern LED lights will be highly appreciated in this matter.

Even one single plant in a room can reduce the feeling of anxiety and stress.

Studies show that Nature can help us with pain and discomfort : in a study done on patients who underwent gallbladder surgery, scientists found that patients who were looking at nature during the healing process were generally emotionally better and physically better than those who were facing a simple wall.

Those patients who were facing the Nature were recorded to have spent less time in the hospital, recovering about 1 day quicker than the others. They were feeling less pain, taking about 2 pain pills less than those facing a wall, and needed less attention by the nurses than the others. Our LED light panels can really simulate nature on a wall or on a ceiling, with a light imitating sun light, with 6500 Kelvins.

Similar studies done in Hospitals show the same effects. It is astonishing how much just a simple view on a tree could help these patients to recover.

Simar Design tries to supply the best images of trees and skies together with its LED lights. Our images have been achieved by the best photographers and the best graphist to really bring nature inside, with a powerful and ecological design light.

Other studies show that people who were spending time in the nature were more relaxed and well, relieved from stress and discomfort.

Nature can even increase concentration, Andrea Taylor’s research on children with ADHD shows that time spent in nature was increasing their attention.

And that is not all : nature even makes us feel more connected to others and improves social relations. A study of the University of Illinois suggested that living blogs where there was more nature around were more peaceful and calm than the others. More people reported to get along well with their neighbors and less fights and domestic violence were recorded in the Nature full neighborhoods.

The effect of nature can be explained if look into the brain activities : when a person was watching nature, parts of the brain associated with love and empathy were activated, when looking at an urban scene parts who were used for feelings of fear and anxiety lit up. So it is proven : Nature helps us relax and create positive emotions with our surroundings. No wonder they are used for Spas. Our LED design lights are perfectly adaptable to that kind of environment. We manufacture 60×60 cm panel lights, which can be intergrated in suspended ceilings.

Because Nature has such a huge effect on our well being, healers from Japan and Germany use Nature therapy to cure stress and depression. The people being exposed to natural environments aren’t just happier and more comfortable, but even their physical well being changes, blood pressure and heart rate decrease, and even the Cortisol level decreases.

Being in Nature gives us so many advantages. So why not bring part of it inside our homes, and feel the positive effects of it everywhere, even in the most urban places? Why not bring nature inside through ecological LED light panels? They are adaptable to any kind of ceilings : suspended ceilings or hard ceilings. The size of the LED light panels can be varied in different dimensions : 60×60 cm, 120×120 cm, 120×180 cm, and others. You can check a longer description of our products here.

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