It took us quite a long time to find a good photographer, who would be in the same time a good graphist, and who could take wonderful pictures in a good area so that it would bring our LED light panels the suitable beauty.

We actually tried with around 15 photographers before finding a good one. It was as hard as finding a lover. He by the way was different than the other since the beginning, he wrote us a very long message explaining how better than the others he could do! In opposition to this, many photographers asked for exaggerated prices (2500 €/picture!), some others were not answering anymore, or didn’t understand at all what we wished when we were talking about skies’ images on the ceilings… Others were taking images of branches from very close without considering the perspective, and there was no way to make them understand it. On some images we could see some rests of electric cables. And the worst was a photographer asking our concurrent if we could buy his pictures.

Beyond the lack of understanding of lots of photographers that we’ve reached, their cameras didn’t have the necessary quality. As dimensions can reach a size of 4 m x 4 m, we had to be very demanding about the quality of the images. We had to be able to suggest different kind of images : evening moods, morning moods, midday moods, very intimate or more furnished. This took our graphist a big number of hours, because he had to separate the images of the branches from their original pictures so that we could integrate several different branches on the same picture. The graphic work has been also big on the colors of the images, their intensity. After this, there has been the problem of the printing. Finding a good printer has been also an adventure.

After this, we had to make a catalog of images for each and every possible dimension of panels (120×120 cm, 60×120, ect…). All the images have been taken in Southern France. Many species are represented on the pictures, among them : oaks, cherry trees, palm trees, fig trees.

Nevertheless, this is not all that we do. We can also make images on demand, with for example the logo of the company on the image. Having an advertising on the ceiling could be original when mixed with a sky. Images have an essential importance in our project to inspire beauty and relaxation through our led light panels.

Below you can see a photo gallery :

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