Our 60×60 cm panels can be adapted to many environments : above medicalized beds, in a clinic for example, the decorative panels can be easily integrated into the ceilings or the walls. They will bring joy to the staff and will be releasing for the patients who sometimes have to wait for months in a bed.

Our design lights can be used in medical field, as they can be integrally washed, they perfectly suit to demanding hygenic conditions. The nature that you bring inside will influence the patients in meddical places, as seen in our artile nature and our lights in medical areas. It happens too often that medical buildings are very sad and denying the need of positive energies of the patients.

We can mention the example of a dentist who bought us 4 panels that she installed right above the dentist chair. We are still in touch with her, and she told us with a smile : “I always do my best so that patients would forget me, so that I could finally  work peacefully!”. She welcomes many persons who have a real fear of dentists. Then, having a relaxing place becomes for her essential, for her patients and herself. Patients very often try to know how panels are made, they ask for new images, it is a great opportunity to start a good relation with them.


As our innovative lights create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort, they can be used very well in hotels, or spa lights to create romantic moods. No wonder that visitors will forever remember the hotel where they have seen an immense sky right above their heads. No need to take a plane ticket to the other side of the world! No need to camp in an uncomfortable place to see a beautiful sky full of stars! In a hotel, our lights are not only decorative, but are also very modern and new, giving a special beauty to every place, influencing the mood of everybody, and creating admiration. Simar Design lights need no maintenance, so they can be installed in some very difficult reachable places. The guests will be impressed by these modern architecture lights, giving a special vibe to any room.
Our lights can adapt to any kind of Architecture, you can change the image settled on the panel according to any kind of event, for example a Weddings, or a Christmas festivities.  You can read a longer description of our products here.


There is no more need to prove how relaxation and wellness increase productivity at work and Simar Design lights will be a great help in it. It is more and more the fashion to bring “open space” working places like in Google offices, where relaxation takes an important part of the daily life. Some companies even offer their employees massages, or sports rooms. Some studies have shown that 15 to 20 minutes of sleep during a working day can make you gain 2 hours of productivity. Our lights will transform any offices into very modern and relaxing places. Of course not all companies can afford relaxing places such as sport rooms, our lights then become a great opportunity that will continuously bring relaxation for a cheap price. It will be a great gift to employees, and they will give it back to you. It will be also a way to keep your best employees. 1/3 of employees with high responsibilites are ready to quit their job, not because of their salary, but the mood in the company. You will give to the workers the energy they need to go beyond their abilities and visitors will always remember your building.


It has been shown that people in a shop buy things almost unconsciously. Consumers buy with their emotions, more than with their rationnality. They pay attention to the mood : the noises, the smell, and most of all, the colors and the light. Philip Kotler, a very well known Marketing Guru studied this question for years. Our lights again are an unmatchable opportunity to bring this special mood to a shop, in order to make visitors feel well. That’s the reason why interior designers and shop designers very often take care about the quality of the CRI (color rendering index). The number of CRI, between 0 and 100, shows how faithful a light reveals the colors of various objects. The more the number of CRI is big, the better you will see the colors of an item for example exposed in a shop. Our number of CRI is around 90, which is very good for shops. As shown in our article about luminotherapy by imitating sun’s light, our lights will increase the concentration of your clients.

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