Yes, LED is the future. How could we argue about that?

Lets just take a look at the facts:
  • LED consumption is so much lower than halogens’. For a same light intensity (measured in LUX), LED will consume 90% less than halogens.
  • Only 5 % of the electricity going through an incandescent or halogen bulb is converted into light.
  • The rest of the energy is only heat, which grow up to 150 °C for the halogens, and maximum 60 °C for well cooled LED lights.
  • LED lifetime is way longer : between 50 000 hours and 100 000 hours for good LED lights, it means 20 to 40 years of use with a daily use. It can bury us! Only 1 000 to 4 000 hours for incandescent or halogen.
  • LED lights can be turned into a white light, in opposition to the incandescent and halogen lights which tend to be very yellow. The color of the light, that we call “color temperature” will have undeniable consequences on your mental and physical health as well as on your concentration.
  • LED technology isn’t too sensible to shocks and on/off switches, this is ideal for many applications such as automotive, televisions, ect…
  • Good quality LED lights are more healthy than fluorescent lights : they spread electromagnetic waves.
  • LED lights can be remote controlled, which is a plus that will influence the developping market of LED lights. For example, you can use your LED light to have a morning light, then a midday light, to end up with an evening light. By the way, that will also have positive consequences on your health.
  • LED bulbs are recyclable at 98%, it means that they are absolutely ecological, in addition to the energy saving.
  • LED lights, by their small size, are perfectly adapted to design and decoration.

Since the invention of Thomas Edison, there has not been any innovation in the lighting industry, except the low consumption fluorescent lights that actually weren’t as successful as expected. We often compare the changing from incandescent to LED to the apparition of numeric cameras, or trains! If the world uses LED technology, there will be 40% of energy saved, which means 130 billions of euros. Knowing that the light is one of the biggest energy consumer in homes, it will be a huge economical and ecological change.


But then, why aren’t they everywhere? Why halogen and incandescent bulbs still own 80% of the market?

It´s the money matter.

When you buy an LED light, the price will be higher than a halogen bulb. Why? Mostly because when you plug an LED to the 220V or the 110V, our poor little LEDs will need a transformer (or an adaptator), which is not the case for Mrs. halogen or incandescent bulb. So LED lights are a long term investment.


But this is where a lot of people go wrong : seen on long term, Mr. LED is way cheaper than Mrs. Halogen. Why? Because it is saving a lot of energy costs and they last so long.

But caution : many people say “the LEDs are so great, so fashionable because they last so long”, yes, but what everybody doesn’t know is that their longevity depends on:

  • the quality of the transformers. Many LED lights that we see at the supermarket, coming mostly from China, are equipped with very low quality transformers.
  • the quality of the LEDs, of course you guessed it!
  • the quality of the dissipation (yes I know, it looks like not important, we tend to forget about it, but it is absolutely essential). If you don’t correctly cool all the LED system with aluminum, then you have lots of chances to see the lifetime of your light decrease faster than expected.

When all these 3 criterias come together, it creates a beautiful light which will still be going after over 20 years of use for 7 hours a day, and that’s what we are working on (I know, it’s a cheap advertising)! For example Simar-Design light panels are for sure more expensive than supermarket lights, but it’s because we trust in quality, and quality is the key to long lasting ecological LED lights. All our components come from France and Germany, our lights are assembled in France only.

But unfortunately, Europe has not yet imposed any standard to the home lighting. It means that any manufacturer which writes “CE” on its products can sell it in Europe. That’s how we can find a lot of unhealthy lights on the market, of course coming mainly from China, releasing some UV and infrared rays.

So basically, LEDs have two good sides :

1. Economical matter. Yes, on the long term halogen will cost you 87% more than LED. The costs of the LEDs will be paid back only in Energy

saving after about 1 years. Since our lights are expected to have 20 years lifetime, seen on long term they can save a lot of money.

2. Moral matter. We all know how ecology becomes more and more important. LEDs safe Energy, and don’t contain dangerous toxins for our environment.

That is the reason why the halogen bulb won’t be commercialized anymore in the European Union by the year 2018.


We always use the LED technology for our 60×60 cm LED light panels, for ecological, and efficiency reasons. They also provide a very homogeneous light, that’s how in our LED light panels we can bring you beautiful skies. These design interior lights will bring you the perfect light to feel well and to make you enjoy your tough work! Having these relaxing lights will change your way to see your interiors, and your way to see lights. You can check a clear description of our products here.

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