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The hotel lighting / ceiling lamp, the practical and aesthetic solution

For a reception, a restaurant, a hallway or a bedroom, the harmony of the decorative elements is a necessity, the lighting comes as a top priority. Whether the entire decor of the hotel is rustic or ultra-modern, you need a hotel lighting that keeps surprising, which catches everyone’s attention and make people talk about it.

L’éclairage en hôtellerie
De la lumière en hauteur comme luminaire pour hôtel

An overhead light as a lightening fixture for hotels

In order to make your hotel a unique place, give yourself a lightening fixture where the gray sky does not exist. Whether your clients are tourists or on a business trip, they will need well-being and rest while staying at your hotel.

In fact, nature, or the vision of a nature’s scene has a direct effect on stress, and lighting that emulates daylight has a stimulating effect on the brain. Make sure your wake up on the right foot with a beautiful view of nature each morning.

Here are some features:

- If necessary, you can reduce the light intensity using a dimmer.

- You can customize the images as per your wishes by putting the name of your hotel, or adding any other element that you wish.

- You can install another image whenever you want according to the period of year, or according to a theme or event.

- Our lighting fixtures will be of a particular interest in all confined spaces, which tend to be oppressive, be it blind rooms, especially bathrooms, toilets or hallways, and will surround your client with a reassuring atmosphere.

- Our hotel lighting will fit all types of ceilings and false ceilings in terms of installation

Customize your ceiling to match you’re the decoration of your hotel

Whether you have a hostel or a luxury 5-stars hotel, the hotel decoration also defines the establishment’s category. For all rooms in your hotel, you can add a personal touch through the hotel’s ceiling lamp. Thus:
- For the bedrooms, you can dress the ceiling lamp of a night sky to provide a dim light, we recommend a ceiling lamp above the bed.
- For suites, highlight a LED panel with a brighter tone
- For the bar, opt for a cosy lighting with a beautiful representation of the dawn or the dusk.
- For the restaurant and the living room, choose radiant LED slabs just above the tables

Integrate beautiful images with the ceiling lighting of your hotel

Choose a lighting with sky-based images to help your customers not to feel “lost” in a confined world.

Images will then adorn the ceiling while bringing light, such a beautiful set! The criteria that make these images successful are the following:
- Professionalism while taking images by renowned photographers who know how to consider the perspectives and highlight the images of branches with a 3D effect.
- Life-size images that are quite large, reaching 180x180 cm.
- Diversity offering different situations: images taken in the evening, images taken in the daylight, more intimate images…

De la lumière en hauteur comme luminaire pour hôtel
Des cadres qui souligneront le design déco de votre hôtel

Frames that will highlight the decoration of your hotel

The lighting fixture that will fit all establishments, whether a palace or a pension, is the LED lighting, by its design and functionality. The frame is the support that allows hanging the ceiling lamp.

The characteristics of the frame offer robustness and aesthetics:

- The frame is made of lightweight and strong aluminium.

- It comes in several colours, in harmony with the decoration of the room.

- It provides optimal security with a depth of 5 cm in order to receive the cables inside.

- It is designed to be installed directly to the ceiling, integrated into a false ceiling, or to be suspended using wire ropes.

You will have to vary the atmosphere in your hotel: sobriety for the suites, extravagance for some rooms and romance for the bridal rooms.