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Lighting and decoration in the medical worlds

If there is an environment that requires adequate light for its activities, it is indeed the medical world, especially in the waiting rooms where it is essential to have the relaxation of patients and visitors. This is an aspect that tends to be taken into account, dental surgeries, clinics and teaching hospitals are investing more and more in the well-being of their patients. The mere vision of a nature’s scene is enough to radically change the stress state of a patient. On the other hand, subjecting them to a new and innovative product will deflect their attention and change the way they perceive their consultations. It will also be a considerable stimulus for the staff. Provide the best for your patients and customers, give them the comfort and well-being they need.

Luminaire pour hôpitaux

Lightening fixture for hospitals

Hospitals are very often devoid of life and decoration. Long corridors can easily be oppressive for already frail patients who spend a lot of time in these rooms. Our LED slabs can have a 3D effect on the images, thanks to the talent of our photographers and graphic designers who worked for one year on a variety of images, as well as the printing techniques we use.
You can install our lightening fixtures on any type of ceiling or false ceiling. You can also use our wall sconces’ LED slabs with breathtaking landscapes that will transport your patients in pleasant and comforting worlds. Whether for children or for other users, we adapt the theme of images, we can customize them.
The decorative aspect of our lighting fixtures will not interfere with their power, you will have a real lighting, in addition to a decorative element.

Lighting and decoration for dental cabinets

For a dentist, our lights are a real bargain since the client will be more easily treated. However, be aware that the light intensity of our LED panels is not always suitable for all dentists. We have created more powerful models than our classic models, but for some dentists this is sometimes not enough, so we often suggest sending beforehand, a copy so you can check it on your own.
The CRI or the temperature colour does not interfere with the handling of any product or tool in the daily life of a dentist.
The intensity is variable
You can change the pattern according to your wishes.

Lighting and decoration for nursing homes

For nursing homes for elderly dependent persons, our lighting will be a soothing daily presence to accompany towards the end of life. In entrance halls, in corridors or bedrooms, our ceiling and wall sconces can be adapted to any type of support and any type of environment. Regarding wall installations, you can even choose the colour of the frame, to get a higher level of design. You can also vary the light intensity at any time with a remote control.

Eclairage et décoration cabinet dentaire
Offrez à votre cabinet une lumière reposante et rassurante

Lighting for psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts

The therapists can benefit from the ceiling lamp to offer their patients the safety and relaxation they seek from their doctor. To unburden yourself or simply to not feel under pressure, you will find in our lighting a useful tool.

Light therapy for a better treat

Our lighting fixtures contain features of light therapy and are effective in the following areas:
- The anti-depression asset, especially the Seasonal Affective Disorder that will be treated with images of blue and sunny sky and a colour temperature imitating daylight.
- The quality of brightness assimilated to that of light will also be beneficial to practitioners.

Give your premises a relaxing and reassuring light

To break the gloomy atmosphere, long praised in the medical environment, the LED design lighting fixtures allow you to add more brightness, but also decoration to your premises.
It is therefore more appropriate, in order to provide confidence and well-being to your patients, to have an indoor lighting fixtures with images.
You will be proposed a multitude of images to provide confidence, both in your gestures and to your patients. Thus, you can choose, among others:
- An image showing nature with branches and leaves to soothe depression and stress.
- An image of blue sky to distract patients during dental treatments.
- An image of blue sky to evade patients during their sessions with therapists.
And many other ideas, including the possibility to customize images.

Which colour temperature should you choose for your hanging light?

In a specific environment such as the medical world, light does not only bring the required lighting, but also a faculty of healing.
Thus, the medical premises, namely dentistry, the psychiatrist's office, the treatment rooms, the surgery, the laboratories and other premises, must follow a certain code. Among others, some of the rooms that need to be lit are offices and circulations.
For a LED system, make sure to provide your lighting with an appropriate hue:
- A “warm white: lighting with a colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin is intended for a place of relaxation, for the panels where you wish to install images of twilights.
- A “neutral white” lighting with a colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin illuminates non-medical rooms, offices.
- A “cold white” lightening whose colour temperature is estimated at 6500 Kelvin is particularly reserved for rooms where medical work will be done, or to stimulate patients with depression.

Order and receive your LED slabs

Professionals benefit from a special study according to their own needs. An “online quote” is available and the cost will be calculated based on two criteria:
- The size of the slab
- The image to print
After choosing the right model for your premises, you can pay online or via bank transfer.
The delivery time is 4 weeks at the latest. It is possible to have an earlier delivery, taking into account the quantity of your orders and your option for a standard or customized panel.
Be at the cutting edge of technology, give a modern touch to your professional environment!

Quelle température de couleur choisir pour votre suspension luminaire