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L’éclairage d’un restaurant

Lighting of a restaurant

When we choose a restaurant, apart from the menu it offers, we are attracted by the decoration, for which lighting has a significant influence. Particularly, the restaurant lighting appeals customers and emphasizes its design. The choice of restaurant lighting must be meticulously. But whether it is a fast food restaurant, a tapas bar, a classic or gourmet restaurant or rather a pizzeria, the LED lights will bring a “plus” that will impression your customers.

Which restaurant lighting to choose?

The restaurant is supposed to bring pleasure to the palate, but as we say “we eat first with our eyes”", as soon as we enter, we must be dazzled by the atmosphere that prevails, and this, is offered by the interior lighting.

With the new technologies competing on the market, several lighting formulas exist. The most popular are:

- A hanging light above a table for example allows you to read the menu explicitly and to see the other guests around you. However, the disadvantage will be the visibility of the suspension targets.

- A ceiling lamp applies to the table a sufficient brightness.

- A vertical lighting gives the room an effect of depth with the illusion of landscapes.

To guide your choice, it is necessary knowing how to establish harmony between choosing the decoration of the restaurant and the interior lighting.

The ceiling light in picture to brighten up your restaurant.

Whether the restaurant is gourmet, classic or a fast food, light is one of the basic elements to “create” a pleasant environment. A ceiling light is the best alternative that allows you to have an overview of the room and offers the best reception possible.

Since entering the lobby, the light already gives security and a feeling of being welcome in the restaurant. It is therefore necessary to give a “foretaste” to this part with LED slabs decorated with images that match those you want to give to your establishment. Our ceiling will also be very popular in the cellars and closed environments.

- High-definition images taken by professionals provide to these slabs an azure sky light

- Images of a starry sky to create a cosy atmosphere.

- Pictures of nature to lose one’s head in an environment.

- Images that will be provided by your own custody will personalize your restaurant, in order to be in harmony with the design of your establishment.

Le plafonnier en image pour égayer votre restaurant

Lighting has a price

Certainly, many companies focus their activities in interior lighting systems, and the prices are very competitive.

The ceiling lighting fixture is contemporary and its structure will fit beautifully to any decoration, whether modern or not.

We have standard dimensions, we are not tailor-made. You will be able to order panels that will have sizes up to 180x180 cm maximum.

With our lighting we guarantee you a fancy ambience that will be... psychedelic for a total escape. Professional restorers like you are, demand quality!