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Bathroom Ceiling Light - the ideal lighting!

The bathroom is our privileged room to find well-being and cleanliness. At all times of the day, from morning to evening, it is used to refresh ourselves or to take care of our body. A ceiling light for bathroom requires reflections to harmonize the decoration, lighting is one of them. Being able to take several forms, you will be able to install our ceiling lamp emulating the sky above the sinks or in the middle of the room...

Opt for a bathroom light fixture

Most bathrooms, when it comes to apartments, do not have windows. For that, it is very interesting to have a light fixture like ours, which brings nature inside your interiors. You will be able to install the light fixture in two ways:

- ceiling-mounted for a simple installation, for all “residential” ceilings.

 -built-in light fixture, if you have a false ceiling type BA13.

Everything depends on the type of ceiling you have. Naturally, the type of light fixture must be installed in volume 3 of the bathroom, which means that it absolutely cannot be installed above or near a shower or a bathtub.

Choose your LED lighting Dal'imagin

For the main lighting of a bathroom, our LED panel is an alternative comfortable and precise to the vision. As this room requires a high enough power for personal care and makeup, LED is a technology that comes to:

- Give instant light

- Support the shocks of repetitive ignitions

- Offer uniform brightness

- White light to be closer to natural light

- Less warm up than other formulas to keep an ideal temperature

Adopt the right size of the LED panel for your bathroom

In general, your bathroom will not require particularly wide-angled lighting, and we have a fairly large choice of sizes among our standard sizes. With our LED bathroom panels, we can join in one process the different interior lighting of this room:

-  General lighting

- Ambience lighting

  - Highlights for the visage

The standard size 60 cm x 120 cm, for example, offers brightness sufficiently diffuse to illuminate two sinks. If you are one of those who want more light in the bathroom, other sizes are also available.

Select your images for your LED bathroom sconce

The bathroom is a room that is supposed to bring you relaxation and the atmosphere that must prevail should not compromise the comfort and relaxation sought while you are taking a bath or having shower.

It is therefore necessary to put a soothing universe in this room. Beautiful images are available for LED sconces when you are having a good time in your bathroom.

To imitate an open sky under water:

 - We have images with water theme, with seabed and fish.

- We can of course make custom images, for example with the images of your loved ones.

The nature drawn by branches on which bloom beautiful colours of flowers, adds to the bathroom’s decoration another dimension as well as an impression of depth.

What are the characteristics of the images?

Functional, certainly, but also decorative, the bathroom ceiling lamp boasts dreamy images that, coupled with light, confer a design look to the room.

Regarding the images, we have selected the best for you, thanks to the work of excellent photographers.

However, it is advisable not to wrinkle or fold the images, in order to avoid altering their quality, but also to keep a clear image.

The bathroom is a place of meditation to relax, it is also a place that allows you to “find yourself”, do not skimp on your means!

For the bathroom, we do not propose wall applications for security reasons, but you can have them in any other room, I invite you to visit the page of our luminous boards.