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Ceiling lamp / room lighting fixture decorative and flexible

Your bedroom, that of your children or the one which has just been decorated for the baby, is your refuge. This room draws your personality, hides your secrets and preserves your privacy.One of the elements that characterize the room is the lighting. A light that is too direct and focused like spotlights can interfere with the privacy of a bedroom, a permanently dimmed light does not facilitate reading. Therefore, it is wise to choose a good bedroom ceiling lamp to have a good balance and to distribute the brightness.

A ceiling lamp / LED lighting fixture for adults

The bedroom is not only the room that houses your sleep, it is also the symbol of your privacy and “your space”. Give it the best decoration. The bedroom lighting fixture Dal'imagin is an ideal option to offer a light, the closest to natural light, but also to bring nature into your interiors for optimal well-being. Better than having a morning coffee, you can install a panel above the bed in order to wake up every day with a radiant sky in your eyes.

Wall sconce for adult bedroom

Next to, or in front of your bed, you can install wall sconce with landscape.Besides having a modern and contemporary wall decor, you will also have effective lighting with an ideally distributed brightness that will gently accustom your eyes to the light in the morning.This wall sconce will be a liberation, especially for the small rooms without windows and will be able to “enlarge” any kind of room giving an illusion of depth.

Ceiling lamp for a girl child’s bedroom

At the dawn of her adolescence, a girl preserves her “territory” by giving her bedroom her personal decoration.During the night, it's time for dreams and imagination, a ceiling lamp for a girl's bedroom with images of princesses, carefully chosen by us or a starry sky to transport her to a dream world. She will vision images in her head while falling asleep, and with our ceiling lamp for girls, the light will be distributed evenly throughout the bedroom or on a given surface.

Wall sconce for a girl’s bedroom

Si vous souhaitez lui faire plaisir, il n’y aura rien de mieux que cette applique murale avec des images ultra réalistes de son choix, que ce soient des images poupées ou de blanche neige. Elle sera ainsi transportée dans un autre univers et pourra ainsi laisser libre court a son imagination.

Ceiling lamp for a boy’s bedroom

In order to put your son to bed without having to institute a curfew, our ceiling lamp for a boy’sbedroom is a bright idea.A LED slab on which his favourite superhero watches over him while he is asleep and, before the Sandman passes, accompanies him during his imaginations.Lighting that will meet his needs: a well-lit room, a homogeneous brightness and images that reassure him.There will be no better wakening for your son, than having his favourite picture on the ceiling.When he gets tired of a superhero, you can change the image to put another!When his friends will see what he has in his bedroom, he will be subject of admiration.

Wall sconce for a boy’s bedroom

In the same way as for ceiling lamps, you can install the LED panel on the wall so that it marvels every day in front of an illuminated image with an emphasis on his favourite characters. There is nothing better for him than having the feeling of being“at home”.

Ceiling lamp for baby’s bedroom

Nothing is more difficult than to get a baby to sleep, it is always necessary to leave the light on to reassure him or her. The ceiling lamp for baby offers images that will captivate his or her attention while offering comfort.Led lighting provides adequate brightness will make you baby feel reassured in the arms of Morpheus.The whole bedroom will be well lit and you can make them feel your presence by their side with a picture of you.You can vary the light intensity, reduce it and put a starry sky over the entire length of the pram, with a wonderful honeymoon... Is there a better way to cradle your baby?

What size of LED slab for your bedroom?

Since the bedroom is not too big, you must choose the LED slab that is appropriate for your space.The frame defines the size, and several colours confer a design to the room.The LED panel must bring a trendy touch to the bedroom without giving a too dark or heavy look to the entire architecture.If you get tired of an image, replace it!

A wall sconce lamp for adults and teens

Having daylight at home is a boon all day, no matter what time it is.It is possible to give your bedroom a natural light with a wall sconce, in an original way:
- A grandiose landscape with the sea and coconut trees at dusk to cradle you at night, for example above your headboard!
- Big and small, you can customize your wall sconce with a beautiful shot of your selfie, which will amaze your friends, for this check the page “photo frame” to load one of your images.

A wall sconce to make children and babies dream

Sleeping in the same bedroom with his favourite hero or cradling herin a magical world with her favourite princess as a roommate, a wall sconce can accomplish this dream to your child.
You can then put an annunciator in their room with:
-A High Definition drawing of his favourite character or her favourite heroine.
-A nature accentuated in all its splendour thanks to the LED system, giving a 3D effect.
- A playful illustration to reassure your baby.
- Your selfie or portrait can be a reassuring presence.

The peculiarities of our wall sconces

Among the other luminous devices on the market, we chose the best for you by giving originality to our wall sconces, namely:
- The possibility of decorating the headboard with this wall sconce.
- To vary the size, as well as the images.
The opportunity to take advantage of the assets of LED: economy, robustness and homogeneity. Make your bedroom your refuge par excellence!