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Ceiling lamp Dal'imagin for dining room

The room that houses the only family reunion during the day, the dining room, is called “the friendly room” not only because we have our meals, but also because we see each other in the early morning and in the evening, after many hours of absence, we tell each other what happened during the day, and share our joys and sorrows around a good meal. It is therefore important to provide lighting worth its importance.

The interior lighting of the dining room can be broken down into several ways: in chandelier, suspended light fixture, recessed light fixture or mural. Only, as general lighting, we opt most often for the application of wall sconces.

The light diffuse of a dining room light fixture

For the dining room, a ceiling light is ideal to distribute the brightness perfectly evenly, while focusing the light on the table, usually in the middle of the room. This ceiling-mounted light fixture has several advantages:

- Rich in decor and colours, the LED ceiling light provides a perfect atmosphere to give your guests healthy appetite.

- Ceiling sconces are a perfect match for any decor in the dining room, whether the design is contemporary or more rustic.

- This light fixture illuminates all the elements of the table and limits the formation of shadows unlike spots for example, which tend to dazzle and provide a much focused light.

How to choose the right lighting for your dining room?

The choice of a ceiling light for dining room requires special attention. You should especially take into account the size of the table you want to light, the ceiling height and/or if you have a false ceiling BA13:

- For a “classic” size table and a ceiling height of 2.5 meters you can opt for a 120x120 cm LED panel.

- For buffets, very large tables all for receptions you can opt for a 180x120 cm panel.

- The choice of image will also be important, you can customize it or simply choose it at our catalogue of images.

What kind of lighting for the LED panel?

The installation is very simple.

The installation of these LED panels is done according to these methods:

 - Preparation of the ceiling by defining the place where the LED panel will be installed

- Installing the frame with a screw fastener

- Positive and negative cable mounting

- Installation of the image

What guarantees your LED sconce for dining room?

Until delivery, the handling of the LED sconces is ensured by the service provider, but this guarantee extends to:

- Two years for all the parts, whether the device itself: frame and image, but also the LEDs that compose them.

- An extension of guarantee is also possible according to the needs of the customer.

With the professionalism of the manufacturer, the photographer, the printer and the delivery man, your dining room will have the LED panel it deserves!

The dining room is “zen-like” and modern. Just add a little extra for the atmosphere will be at its height! The light, in addition to the original images, makes your dining room to display a sprightly appearance.

Then, simulate a country lunch with a green landscape above your head. Improvise a romantic dinner under a starry cosmos, bright as light!