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Ceiling light for hallway

Our ceiling lights have a special feature: they emulate the sky on the ceiling. These are not screens, but simple lighting, LED slabs. The hallways are often dark and deprived of the daylight, there will be nothing better than our lighting, since it emulates the daylight with a realism that will astonish you. Moreover, thanks to our high definition images you will have the impression of being outdoors and having a glass roof in the middle of your ceiling. You will then have a daily feeling of escape and a pleasure that no other lighting has ever given you.

Adaptable hallway lighting

Another advantage of our hallway lights is the ability to modulate them in terms of size. We sell sizes ranging from 60x60 cm up to 60x180 cm, which means all in length! With a fine and discreet frame, you will obtain a very modern lighting, practical and relaxing, in every point of view.

If it happens that you want to change the image, it will not be a problem. You order another one, it arrives within a week, and the change will not take more than a minute.