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A Ceiling Lamp for your Kitchen

The centrepiece of a house, because we spend several hours a day, the kitchen is strategic for its use and its location. Soliciting a rather powerful lighting, a kitchen ceiling lamp, emulating the sky will be ideal to bring inside more light, but also to better distribute it. Some helpful details to guide you while choosing your kitchen lighting.

Why to choose this type of kitchen LED ceiling lamp?

While the dishes have just been served and are still hot, you can decorate the atmosphere with the vision of a sky above your eyes, as if you were outside on a terrace.

Excellent lighting fixture for the kitchen, the ceiling LED panel offers several advantages, namely:

  • An aesthetic support to add a personal style to the room, especially with the images we offer. Indeed, nature is incomparably beautiful, and it fits perfectly within a kitchen, thanks to our lighting fixtures.
  • Space saving that does not interfere with movement and manoeuvring in the room. In fact, once screwed to the ceiling, the ceiling lamp is only 5 cm deep.
  • A very homogeneous interior lighting which diffuses a uniform light on the whole surface.
  • In accordance with the new LED technology, the kitchen ceiling lamp guarantees optimal and stable lighting, immune to repeated switching on / off.

Which are the criteria to consider for your kitchen lighting fixture?

Whether it is an American kitchen or a classic kitchen, this piece, in addition to its functionality, draws the interior architecture of the whole house. Being used frequently or permanently at each meal, the kitchen must adopt the right formula. The kitchen light comes in several types and among those one will be chosen, according to various parameters:

  • Dimensions: we adapt according to your kitchen. We can provide you light panels that vary in length and width, longitudinal, rectangular or square shaped.
  • The light power: imitating daylight, the lighting will diffuse a homogeneous light that will produce little shade on your worktop or on the table.
  • The design: equipped with a frame, the kitchen ceiling lamp will match the entire room including colour and ambience. Each theme has its own image; personalization is possible to identify your style.

What arrangements to install your kitchen chandelier?

It is necessary to read the user guide in order to install a kitchen chandelier. However, the installation can be done easily in 30 minutes and the handling is quite simple. You can install the light panel in a suspended mode above the table, integrated in a false ceiling BA13, or simply screwed to the ceiling. The power cable is located behind the frame in which the LEDs are integrated, the frame itself is fixed directly to the ceiling with 4 screws, or with the help of metal cables for the suspended mode.

If the installation will be done by your own, always adopt these reflexes:

  • Shut down the power source prior to attaching.
  • Choose the right fixtures for your type of ceiling: concrete, plaster or hollow partition.
  • Take into account the direction of the electrical cables at the ceiling to fix the ceiling light without damaging neither the device, nor the wires.

What image for your kitchen lighting?

When it comes to originality, our kitchen lighting has plenty of it to provide. Offering a perfect realism, the images confer authenticity without compromising the lighting it offers. The main features of these images are as follows:

  • Printed in a fabric designed with a special technique, the images are guaranteed for being non-flammable.
  • The images are perfectly washable and the cleaning process is very easy.
  • The installation of the image is done after installing the frame.
  • The images are fashioned in a robust fabric, their handling and duration are thus optimized.
  • The images are customizable, depending on your aspirations.

Choose the frame that goes well with your kitchen ceiling lamp

Commensurate with the image, the frame is an essential piece for the kitchen ceiling lamp. It should be in harmony with the kitchen itself, but also with the image. Some parameters should be considered to better choose the frame and some characteristics are attributed to it, among others:

  • The frame is made of lightweight and strong aluminium.
  • It provides optimal security by isolating and protecting circuits and electronic devices.
  • Standard dimensions are accessible with their weight and consumption respectively:
  • 60 x 60 cm, 45 Watts, 4 kg –
  • 60 x 120 cm, 96 Watts, 8 kg –
  • 60 x 180 cm, 128 Watts, 11 kg – 120 x 120 cm, 128 Watts, 14 kg – 180 x 120 cm, 160 Watts, 18 kg – 180 x 180 cm, 192 Watts, 28 kg.

Be aware that the kitchen ceiling lamp is the best alternative to combine functionality and aesthetics.

Kitchen wall sconces

Besides providing ceiling LED panels, we also provide wall sconces that will embellish your walls, and at the same time will produce a pleasant light. You can put images that have cuisine or nature as a theme, and also pictures of your loved ones. For the fans of personalized design, which is becoming more and more popular today, a wall sconce allows:

– To bring an original touch to the kitchen

– To benefit from an adequate lighting of the room, thanks to the dimmer switches with remote control

– To bring inside the light of nature and panoramas

  • Just like the kitchen ceiling lights, you can easily change the images according to your desires, according to the seasons.
  • On the photo frame page you can upload a selfie that we will print for you on one of our panels.

The wall sconce represents an authentic landscape for your interiors, a method which makes… dashing your room of delicacies!

The right size for your kitchen

Having a painting in your kitchen, together with the light during all the preparation of the dishes, is the dream of everyone, because nowadays the kitchen is not a room to be filled with a particular design. You will have the opportunity to opt for a wall sconce to cheer up your “office” and give it a LED lighting, economical and efficient.

For wall sconces, different sizes are available:

– 60 cm x 80 cm in length

– 90 cm x 120 cm in length

– 180 cm x 180 cm in length

Wall decoration in the kitchen, what’s better than the Annunciator

For the fans of contemporary art, or simply art, you can install a wall decoration of your choice in the kitchen, thanks to the annunciators. You will highlight the arts of your choice in an incomparable way. In addition to having the decorative function of a painting, you will have the practical aspect of lighting with a very discreet frame that will not interfere with your movements or the vision of the art itself.