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Ceiling lamps for office, decorative and powerful

We sell LED slabs that emulate the sky on your ceilings and will give you the illusion of openness to the outside world. These lights possess a considerable power and they have in addition also a considerable decorative function.

For all companies, the comfort and ergonomics of their employees is gradually becoming a part of the mores. Most offices that are small or medium in size require specific lighting. In order to diffuse light in a uniform way, by reducing shadowing, our office ceiling lamps will serve as a valuable benefit. This overhead system is ideal to cover a single office or a larger part of the room: it's up to you to choose the size of your ceiling lamp!

The office lamps Dal'Imagin, a comfortable lightening at work

Well-being at work is one of the key factors to increase productivity; it is one of the key factors for a harmonious inter-employee understanding. In order to stimulate creativity or to complete an arduous task, a pleasant environment, which favours concentration, will be a major asset in the long term.

An office lamp, with the power and the colour temperature for visual comfort, will improve your endurance at work.

-If you intend to install the lighting fixture in spaces where you have a lot of passage, the lighting fixture will impress your visitors and give an excellent image of your company.
– Even if you have not paid attention to the overall decor of your premises, having this type of lighting fixture will make you forget about any defects, you will not need to invest in additional work to give a better appearance to your interiors.
– Whether to illuminate a room or just a given surface, such as a surface suspended above an office, you can choose the LED panel’s size, adapted to a specific function.

LED slabs, lightings for business premises/stores

Our LED slabs will be able to adapt in terms of design both in conference rooms or stores. In large rooms we can either cover the entire ceiling, or distribute aesthetically some “islands” in some parts of the room. You will also be able to display your logo on the image, in a discreet or prominent way. For this we will have to create a custom image, which will represent a small supplementary fee.

For example, if you have a false ceiling, 60x60 cm type, you can cover 4 slabs with a single panel of 120x120 cm size. You can choose a size up to 180x180 cm.

Here are some of the advantages that you will benefit:

– Simpler wiring for the installer, faster installation.

– Obvious aesthetic advantage.

– Simpler change of image.

With our lightings, you will have a modern, reliable and practical product.