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The ceiling lamp for the Living Room Dal’Imagin, the ideal solution

The living room witnesses many activities; it is usually the largest room in the house where you pay too much attention to decoration. We spend there our important moments of the day, especially in the evening curled up in a chair with a book in our hands, or to sip our favourite drink in front of the computer or television. It is therefore essential to offer it a good lighting, which inspires comfort, it is the room of the house that deserves the most one of our ceiling lamps or wall sconces in the living room.

The Dal’imagin light fixture, the best option

Our design light fixture for the living room will fill the room with a uniform and aesthetic light, especially since you can change the image according to your desires or seasons. We have a catalogue of stunning images of the skies made by renowned photographers. Changing the image will be a simple and short procedure.

Why our light fixture in your living room?

– It will participate in your well-being and will not fail to leave deep scars in the minds of your guests.

– It will be at the forefront of modernity and decoration. – It will not only be decorative but also functional, thanks to its powerful light.

– Our extra flat ceiling light will not be a clutter with its depth of only 5 cm.

– It emits a light that is most equated with natural light, which will give you the impression of being outdoors, or on a terrace, at any time of the day or night.

The living room light fixture: the best from our LEDs

Usually, an LED structure such as our living room light fixture requires a power supply (it is also called transformer by language abuse) large size, but with the new formulas and a new technology that we implemented, it does not require anymore such devices. Everything is integrated in the LED panel, which will greatly facilitate the installation process of our living room light fixture, which will not take more than 30 minutes and will not require any special technical skills:

– marking where the screws will be drilled

– installation of the pins – installation of the panel and installation of the screws

– connection of positive and negative terminals as in any lighting

– pose of the image

The ceiling light fixture works only with LED technology, with a service life of 20 years up to 40 years, if you have a daily usage of 7 hours per day. A lifetime that requires no further handling after installation, no maintenance, nor cleaning.

The LED sconce consumes less power, but offers the same brightness, even more than other devices. It is versatile and will harmonize with the design and decoration of your living room in different patterns and dimensions.

The right size for your living room lighting

The catalogue offers various sizes that will be adapted to your room. The frame defines the size of the living room ceiling lamp. Be aware that the frame is made of aluminium, in order to support the proposed sizes. For the living room, we recommend large sizes such as 180×180 cm, or 120×120 cm.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that traditional windows or any other opening on the outside of our living room lighting, has the particularity of not lighting directly on the sides, since it has a “glass” effect, it will illuminate at 150 degrees rather than 180 degrees as traditional light bulbs do.

You have then two solutions to bring side lighting:

  1. If you opt for additional lighting, a bulb or a standing lamp will be amply sufficient.
  2. You can buy several Dal’Imagin light fixtures, each having coherent images to each other, representing the same type of sky. The rendering is beautiful, for example, some customers have done this at the four corners of a room, which really gives the illusion of a large glass roof.

Other installation modes? Pendant light fixture? Built-in?

Our light fixture is very versatile, it will adapt to any type of installation and any type of decoration:

  1. wall-mounted, as we have seen previously
  2. in suspension, which will have the advantage of bringing an intense light on a specific point, for example a dining table or a coffee table. The disadvantage is the presence of apparent suspension cables that can hinder the aesthetics of the room. flushed mode, which is ideal knowing that you will not have an apparent frame, just a beautiful illuminating image on the      surface of the false ceiling. For this, a professional will cut the BA13 to the right size and suspend the light fixture behind the false ceiling.

What images for your living room chandelier?

Add a personal touch to your living room, everyone dreams about. For your living room ceiling lamp, you can choose an image that matches both your decoration and your personality:

–  it will be possible to offer your contemporary light fixture an image that we have in our vast catalogue of images, solely in the context of “nature”.

– to add more authenticity, you can also propose an image whose quality must be excellent, it will be enough to send it to us, we will judge if its quality is sufficient according to the size of the LED panel you have chosen.

– we can create customized images, adapting to your personal tastes.

With a ceiling light for living room, stay in the design code with an extra, originality!

And why not a wall sconce in your living room?

The living room receives all your moments during the day. This is especially the room that we like a lot during our evening readings or to listen to good music before going to our bedroom. For a relaxing atmosphere, the wall sconce is the best option to bring the appropriate lighting to these activities with a special touch of decoration.


Natural light with a wall panel


The living room is the room where we receive our guests, but it is also par excellence the room where interior decoration is mostly remarked. As a major room, the living room must also be illuminated, and a wall sconce emulating daylight, in every moment, from dawn to dusk, with dreamy images, is the best alternative to combine design, well-being and functionality.

A variety of images with a wall panel

As you want to give your living room a personal and original touch, the wall sconce has several images that match any type of design and harmonize the light of your room. Some images are available to brighten up your interior:

– Whether the infinite immensity of a sea with coconut trees around a “neutral” white lighting, or clouds as if you were flying, if you do not find your happiness among our images, you tell us the theme you want and we will come back to you with what we think will be the most suitable.

–  The most personal of the touches is a selfie or an image of your loved ones. – As for the living room ceiling, replacing the image with another one will be a procedure without any complexity.

– If you are one of those who like to impress their guests, a life-size family photo can already do it for you! To load your own images I invite you to go to the photo frame page. We can also edit family photos and for example, put in the background fantastic landscapes on a specific theme, as if you were in some movie posters.

– As for the living room ceiling lamp, replacing the image with another one will be a procedure without any complexity