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Ceiling light fixture for WC and toilet

The toilets and bathrooms are often small and cramped rooms that give a feeling of confinement that is sometimes unpleasant. We call them “blind” rooms because they have no windows. It is also the place of all kinds of inconveniences, whether in the sense of smell or sight! That’s why we sell lights that emulate the sky on the ceiling:

  1. to give depth to the room
  2. to relax the user
  3. to provide powerful lighting
Plafonnier WC

Modular lighting

Whether 120×60 cm or 60×60 cm (or more!) Our LED sconces will adapt to the size of your toilet, and provide a very regular light on the entire surface of the room.

In addition to the beauty of the sky above you, the aluminium frame will not be a hindrance in the aesthetics of the room since it measures no more than 48 mm.

With a very simple installation mode, without any constraint, you will be able to benefit from lighting emulating the daylight, in a dark and reclusive place.

It will be possible to vary the light’s intensity, our lights for WC only work with LEDs, which means that you will have no maintenance to deal with.

You can put a picture of heaven as well as a personalized image, with a more satirical theme… It is up to you to make a request, we can come back to you with images.