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209  € / LED sconce 60X60 cm

Supply and image included

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Les images


We dispose a wide range of beautiful and relaxing images, which have been taken by the best photographers, and will allow you to have a true opening in your interior spaces. The images have been designed to provide you with modern and relaxing LED sconces. By clicking on “buy online” you will see our catalogue of images.

Once you have received your LED panel, you can replace the image with another one very easily and this will allow you to have different themes throughout the year, for example depending on the seasons.
Customers can propose an image of their own choice to put on the walls or ceilings, provided that it is of excellent quality.
If you provide us with an image of the place you want to install the product, we can carry out the installation with our graphic designers.
If you have a special request, if you want an image corresponding to a special theme, we can work on it with our graphic designers. For example, if you want to integrate the logo of your company, into a sky image, this can be done easily.
In the case of 60×60 cm LED sconces for suspended ceilings, each panel is equipped with an image, all panels forming a single image.

Les dalles LED

LED sconces

The LED sconces have a standard dimension of 60×60 cm, suitable for your false ceilings. 

Our modern lighting provides you with a mode of fixing of your choice, they are available mountable to ceilings, walls, they can also be suspended and integrated. You can see the different installation modes in the scheme below.

Our products perfectly meet your requirements in terms of hygiene, especially in the medical field. The images are printed on non-flammable, very durable fabric that can be removed for machine washing.

You can change the texture of the frame when it is necessary.

All of our luminous sconces are adaptable to dimmer switches.

The sconces are equipped only with LEDs that have high performance, low consumption, are ecological, with a lifetime beyond 50,000 hours. There is no maintenance to perform, no bulb to change. You can read an article about the benefits of LEDs, compared to other technologies by clicking here.

Our luminous sconces, with a colour temperature of 6,500 Kelvin degrees, emulate the daylight, which will largely favour relaxation in your workspace. This colour temperature is the same used for light therapy, and can therefore be used in the context of an ergonomic workspace.

The power of our light panels varies according to their size. However, for sconces with 60×60 cm size, the consumption is 60W. We can, if you wish, double the power of our lights for false ceiling.



LED Sconces 60X60 cm

Technical characteristics of an LED sconce 60×60 cm

    •  Instant ignition, 100% immediate light.
    • IP65
    •  AC 240V 50Hz DC 12V
    • 6 500 Kelvin degrees
    • LUX: 1 000 Lux at 50 cm, 500 Lux at 100 cm, 350 Lux at 150 cm.
    • CE certification, RoHS / RoHS2 compliant
    • M1 class (fire)
    • Dimension: 595x595x70 mm
    • Weight: 4 kg
    • Guarantee: 5 years
    • LED: lifetime up to 50,000 hours
    • Materials: aluminium/fabric
    • Adaptable to dimmer switches
    • Intensity: 60W or 120W
    • IRC > 85
Les dalles LED 60X60 cm

Different shapes and compositions of 60×60 cm panels for false ceiling

Différentes formes et compositions des panneaux 60×60 cm faux plafond

Improving your workspace with our LED sconces

Light is a biological necessity for our body: it has been proven that it controls some central functions. It penetrates our body and stimulates our immune and hormonal systems, and also regulates our body temperature. Without light, our bodies are left outside their natural rhythm: lack of energy, lack of sleep, and psychological problems can emerge. The influence light has on the body can vary according to its intensity, but also according to what is called the “colour temperature”, measured in Kelvin degrees.
The “colour temperature” measures the colour of the light: if the number of Kelvin degrees is high, the light will be whitish, and on the contrary, if there are few Kelvin degrees, the light will have a more yellowish hue like halogen bulbs. The most common light fixtures have a “neutral” hue of around 4,000 Kelvin degrees. This hue is neither yellowish, nor whitish. However, this “colour temperature”, or hue, does not reproduce that of daylight, so important to our mind and our body, and which is between 6500-8000 Kelvin degrees. Lights at 4,000 Kelvin degrees (neutral colour) cannot stimulate our body very well: they increase, even in the middle of the day, the creation of Melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep, as well as the stress hormone, Cortisol. This results in an unhealthy mixture that will stimulate both stress and sleep, it is a real source of confusion for our body.
With 6,500 Kelvin degrees, our LED sconces emulate daylight, and are therefore able to reproduce the healthy environment we need. You can read an article describing the advantages of our false ceiling lights in the medical field, by clicking here. This light will stimulate concentration and at the same time, productivity and will give you energy during the day, without stimulating stress. Our false ceiling lights will create a feeling of total well-being and will serve as a comforting presence on a daily basis. Apart from these benefits, our innovative false ceiling lights work with the latest generation, eco-friendly LED technology, from which you can expect a lifetime of over 20 years, for daily use, without any maintenance needed. You can read an article about the benefits of LEDs, compared to other technologies by clicking here.

Livraison de vos dalles LED

Delivery of your LED sconces

The delivery time is 4 weeks later, but can be done much sooner depending on the urgency, quantity and your choice between standard and custom built panels.

Installation des dalles LED

Installation of the LED sconces

Simar Design does not perform the installation of the products. An electrician can freely install 60×60 cm LED panels. For the installation of 4 panels for example, it does not take more than half an hour. For larger dimensions, the electrician will probably need assistance.

Qualité de nos panneaux lumineux

The quality of our luminous panels

The guarantee is 5 years. All of our decorative LED lights are made in France, the components come from France and Germany. For a daily use, the lifetime of our products is 20 years, you can read here the article about this. If you encounter any problem (which has never happened until now), contact us and we will do our best to replace the product.



Payment is made in advance via bank transfer. The price of the product is calculated based on the panel size you have chosen.

If you are interested in lighting, do not hesitate to contact us.

The purchase phase will consist of 2 steps that you can perform by clicking the button “buy online”.

  1. The choice of the size of the sconce (the size must be a multiple of 60 cm, both in length and width).
  2. The choice of the image that will be printed.
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