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The virtual window, a complete solution for your interiors

In the apartments, offices or business premises, some rooms are poorly lit and require a source of light that gives you the impression of being outdoors. The false lightening window will be an excellent option, with our LED lighting, daylight will be well emulated, the frame is fine, and as a bonus, beautiful images to give you an ultra-realistic rendering.
Our virtual windows will provide an impression of depth to your rooms, even to the smallest ones, and will make your interior more pleasant and will not fail to leave a good impression to your visitors.

How do your lightening windows work?

Our virtual windows are not screens, in fact they are HD printed images, a real trick of the eye. You can choose from a series of standard sizes, up to 180×180 cm! You can print some of your images, provided they are of excellent quality.

Whether you are fond of mountain or sea landscapes, just tell us and we will do a search for you, until you get satisfied

The lighting of the virtual window

The powerful light released by the device and the quality of the images will give you a daily feeling of outward freshness, which will have a significant impact on your daily life and the way you see your interiors. Our devices work only with LEDs, and you can lessen the light intensity with a remote control.

It will also serve as a major decoration asset, a virtual window adapts to all environments, all types of decoration. The installation will be very simple and fun, without particular constraints.

Even in a day with pouring rain and with a deep greyness outside, you can feel at home as if you were on a beach, in front of a beautiful view of your choice, whether it is with a mountain or an aerial view of a beautiful sky … Insert poetry in your interiors!

Easy installations

The installation of these virtual windows is not complex, it can be done either by you, or by a professional.

Simple and fast, 25 minutes are enough to install a light panel:

– connect the + and – cables as on conventional lighting

– drill the 4 holes that will allow you to install the panel

– install the image

However, some recommendations are necessary for security:

– Do not bend the panel

– Do not install it in a wet environment or in a bathroom

– Do not disassemble the panel.

Embedded or projected, the lightening windows can be placed in such a way, that the supports fit into the entire room.