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Bright and modern photo frame

Put the picture frames at the caps of fashion, make them modern, our picture frames are lit up from inside, which will put your family photos forward and will provide you a pleasant light. In addition, with our modern frame you will not have the disadvantage of having a visible border, the frame will be as discreet as possible, without compromising the images that you will expose. You will enjoy watching the pictures of your loved ones or photographs in life size.

Encadrement / cadre mural nouvelle génération

We frame your photos in multiple dimensions on LED panels, up to 180×180 cm! So you can take a family photo, put it in your living room, in your bedroom or in your kitchen, we can work on the image and change the background, have a fantastic universe, as if you were on a movie poster. We can create for you all theme shapes and combinations. Everything about our panels is designed to have a simple and ergonomic use. Show off your loved ones in a fun way!

Usage of the modern frame

Fixing the frame will take no more than 20 minutes, you will need to fix a few screws and connect the positive and negative cables, you will have no constraints at that level. If some day you would like to change the image, you can replace it: you can order with us another one, changing the image is an operation that will take just a few seconds.The extra-flat frame is 48 mm deep, has a metallic colour, so it will not interfere with your movements in the room, nor be unsightly.

Other benefits of our frames

Our frames are high quality also by their lighting power. You can light a room with a nice uniform light and thus join together usefulness and pleasantness. If brightness is too strong, you can vary the intensity very easily using a remote control. Everything works only with LEDs, you will have a robust lighting in addition to a photo frame.

Pell-mell photo frame

We can create frames with your images in a pell-mell way, you just need to send us the images and we will do the rest.

Photo frame 60×60 cm or 60×80 cm

The small dimensions will have a practice that you just need take a selfie with your loved one, and after one week, we will send you an image of your selfie, you will just need to install it on the frame. You can check our wall sconce’s page to get all the details about our LED panels.