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Ultra realistic 3D effect luminous board

Do you like art? Whether contemporary art or any other form of painting, we offer a very discreet frame and a way to integrate them into your interiors in a new way: we illuminate your artworks. You will have an evolution of your paintings compared to their usual exposure, an embellishment that will not fail to attract attention … and illuminate.

Tableau lumineux effet 3D ultra réaliste
A decorative wall chart for a special atmosphere

A decorative mural for a special atmosphere

Our luminous board is 5 cm deep, it only works with LEDs. You will not have to worry about a frame with mouldings or ornaments, there is none, the image has top priority, our frame was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible to highlight the image.

We print on a canvas the high definition image of an artwork so that it has a 3D effect thanks to the latest advanced techniques used by photographers and graphic designers. You can highlight your favourite artworks or those we have in our catalogue of images.


In addition to highlighting an image, the luminous board can also serve as lighting. Indeed, it can release a powerful light which you can vary the intensity thanks to a remote control or simply by a mural dimmer.

Unlike other boards and non-luminous boards, you will be able to change the image without any difficulties, which represents a major asset. Changing the image is a very easy procedure and it will not take you more than a minute.

Modern deco Board, XXL Board, New York Board…

We have dimensions that range from 80×60 cm, up to 180×180 cm! This gives you the opportunity to largely display your artworks, and even install them on the ceilings, for artworks that lend themselves to it.

Whether in length to achieve a “panorama” effect or in width, we offer standard dimensions that will fully satisfy you and with them you can obtain many visual effects.

Tableau déco moderne, Tableaux XXL, Tableau New York …
Décoration tête de lit

Headboard decoration

Regarding headboard decoration, you cannot find anything better than our luminous boards. You can go to bed with a panorama of a beautiful sunset, bringing softness and serenity in your interiors. You can customize your decoration to infinity by asking for custom images. We can provide you with morning or daytime pictures, whether in the savannah or the Antarctic or above a tree… It’s up to you.

Nature deco board

We have a very wide range of images depicting scenes of nature, whether from views above the clouds, or ocean, we have hundreds of images to offer. In addition to having a decorative function, our decorative paintings have also powerful lighting that will have the advantage of giving depth to your interiors. This will be a perfect solution especially for all “blind parts”.

Fixing the modern board

Regarding the installation of the panel to the wall, there will be nothing simpler:

– Fixing the frame to the wall with 4 screws

– Connection of the 2 cables

– Installation of the image

In total this procedure takes 20 minutes.

Tableau déco nature

A luminous board according to your choices

Several criteria come into play when you choose a wall luminous board. Adapted to all rooms, the choice still requires a reflection on these different points:

– Size. Several sizes are available, and you can order one that will be your LED luminous board with standard size 60 cm x 60 cm or several panels in 2 or 3 rows. This size will also depend on your wall’s and room’s size.

– The positioning of the luminous board must be well defined. Prefer a height parallel to that of the eyes.

– The lighting of the room. Choose a strategic location where the board lighting will not be a hindrance. This will take a traditional cable connection with positive and negative terminals, as well as grounding.

– The hanging can be done in two ways: either a mural board applied to visible frame, or embedded in the wall.

A large palette of images for your luminous board

The luminous boards are not only chosen for their lighting, but also for this touch of originality they confer. This is available for all the rooms, and for the atmosphere you want to have them. Images are proposed, while respecting the concept of relaxation and design, and with HD quality:

– A wall board with tropical landscape for a guaranteed escape, to put in the bedroom

– Wall panels on which are drawn panorama of mountains and nature, in order to relax in the living room.

– Wall tiles with a zenith sky or a starlit heavens for the dining room.

You can also propose your own images for your walls and a simulation of installation is possible with the good care of our graphic designers.

For professionals, it is also possible to affix a logo on images; preparations in this direction with image technicians are accessible.

Une grande palette d’images pour votre tableau lumineux

Get your luminous board delivered!

You have opted for a wall luminous board, you have also submitted an order, you have finished full payment, you can now wait up to 4 weeks to see your board arrive at your door.

The delivery is included in the order, only the installation, achieved easily, will be at your expense!