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Aesthetic and decorative LED panel

Whether you are professionals or consumers, the LED panel is the best alternative to illuminate your interiors: home or business premises. For a diffused and homogeneous lighting, this option is perfect. Especially since this process can also serve as a decoration with images integrated to devices. You will then have an exceptional lighting combining convenience and a unique degree of aesthetics.

Light panels for an interior all illuminated

Light panels are democratizing to offer your interiors the advantages of LEDs and their low consumption, but their design is becoming more and more important, that is why we have decided to market the LED panels Dal’imagin which have the particularity of diffusing relaxing decorations, for an affordable price.

On the ceiling, these panels confer originality for restaurants, hotels, and offices … You can have the LED panel in all rooms of your establishment. You can improvise on the images by proposing yours or putting your logo on it.

Should I take several 60×60 cm LED panels, or larger sizes?

We offer panel sizes that go well beyond the standard 60×60 cm panels. We go up to 180×180 cm, and all our panels have multiple dimensions of 60 cm, so you can integrate them without difficulty in your false ceiling.

Here are the advantages of a large dimension:

  • The overall price will be less than several 60×60 cm panels.
  • You will avoid shadowing, which can be a significant advantage in some works.
  • You will remove the frame of the false ceiling, what will let you enjoy beautiful images of heaven without hindrance.

LED light panels suitable for all your false ceilings

Be aware that all the LED panels that we sell are adapted to the most commonly existent ceilings, namely:

  • Residential type ceilings, meaning without false ceiling. In fact our panels can be screwed directly to the ceiling or the wall, without any difficulty. For this operation, a technician or an electrician is not needed in most cases.
  • False ceilings type BA13. In this case, a specialist will have to cut the BA13 in order to install the panel, and then hang the panel from the suspension cables.
  • False ceilings with frame type 60×60 cm. In this case, you need to remove the frame on the surface that will occupy the panel and hang the panel.

LED panels with home delivery

You have already chosen your light pannels, you have already made the order and you have already paid for your purchase. Then, the delivery must be made after 4 weeks the latest, depending on the availability in stocks.

– The delivery will be done in accordance to your schedule, day and time. The delivery also comes with an installation manual, since the installation will not be included in the purchase

– However, it is recommended to not bend the frames or fold the fabrics, in order to avoid altering the brightness or quality of the images.